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 Ceramic Wall Murals are made of either stoneware or red earthenware clay. I start by putting clay onto a mural board. Next, I sculpt the foreground images onto the clay, and carve the background to add more depth. This makes the Clay Mural similar to a bas relief sculpture or a three dimensional painting. Architectural Murals are then cut into sections to make them easier for me to handle. Custom Ceramic Murals then  get slips, underglazes, and glazes applied to obtain a wide variety of colors.  Each piece is hand sculpted, and hand painted. The Wall Sculpture is then fired again, and re-assmebled.

     Tile Murals are easily cleaned, and require no regular maintenace. The colors will never fade or have to be resurfaced. Also, because  Wall Murals can withstand temperature fluxuations it can be placed inside or outside. Clay Murals are a great addition to any home, office, or outdoor space!
"Coral Reef"
2.5 feet x 3 feet

 As well as murals for the home or office I also offer public art. I work on a team with master clay artist Jerry Chappelle for large scale installations. We specialize in all types of architectural ceramics and can make ceramic wall murals, fireplaces, door surrounds, entryways, gate posts, columns, fountains, or signs.

 Also, I welcome the opportunity to work with interior designers, decorators, and architects on special projects or on a regular basis. I gladly work on residential and commercial projects.

If you would like a Custom Tile Mural please feel free to contact me! Murals can be any size, color scheme, and concept. Murals start at $100.00 per square foot.  (407) 421 - 1604 or krazy15k@hotmail.com

If you are curious about the process please feel free to visit my blog, and learn more about it at Katie McFarland's Blog

  "Perching Wood Duck"

"Mangrove Forest"
3.5 feet x 3 feet
Shown at SouthWorks 2008

"Alligator on the River"
Shown at "Trends in Contemporary Pottery" 2009

"Wood Duck Swimming"
Shown at "Trends in Contemporary Pottery"